Corporate Classes

Bring your team together either online or in-person. EVÈNTO has a number of great experiences whether you’re ready to get everyone in the same room or virtually. All of our events are led by an instructor with a deep knowledge of the recipe at hand and the friendliness and warmth to allow everyone to feel excited to be together. We have cooked and mixed drinks with thousands of teams and we’d love to add yours!

Happy Evento Customer

Booked an in-person pasta making event with EVÈNTO for a 20 person team building event that doubled as dinner! What a great value, and way more fun than a typical restaurant dinner or other team-event. We all had a blast!

Rachel B. | Wundkerind

Corporate Gifting

Gift boxes are never a bad idea

If you cannot get everyone together at the same time send out our kits which come are authentic Italian recipe kits, with high-end ingredients and the ability to personalize and brand!