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Andrea Belfiore founded Italia Like Locals to offer different culinary experiences and classes that are a culmination of family traditions and Andrea’s vibrant creativity. Raised in Ancona, Italy Andrea’s passion for bringing Italian cuisine to his guests runs deep. He spent countless Sunday afternoons in the kitchen with his Nonna Anna even before he could reach the table, this is where his love for cooking began.

Aside from cuisine Andrea is an accomplished drummer and composer. He graduated from Berklee College of Music with honors. He has toured with several bands and collaborated with all kinds of performers. Naturally, events by Evento are a fusion of art and food.



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After working in tech sales for almost 10 years Sam Akiba joined forces with Andrea to help grow Evento into what it is today. While he enjoyed his time selling technology it’s not nearly as fun as putting together an Italian culinary experience, so he made the jump! He used his experience in B2B sales to put together a strategy to help expose more people to amazing virtual and in person events. 

Sam is originally from Boston and has been in New York since 2011. He graduated from the NYU Stern MBA program in 2022 and currently lives in Bed-Stuy with his wife.

Gregory Schaad-Jackson is an experienced chef who teaches pasta and pizza making with EVENTO.

Gregory Schaad-Jackson

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Classes: Pizza, Pasta, Custom

Favorite dish to cook: Pizza!

Favorite wine: Chateau Neuf du Pape

Favorite cocktail: Pisco Sour

Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones

Favorite band: The Beatles



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Favorite cocktail: Classic Margarita - there's nothing better! Unless I'm with Andrea...then it's Negronis all night.

Favorite dish to cook: Chicken Parmigiana

Favorite wine: Anything with Sangiovese

Favorite TV show: Happy Endings. IYKYK

Favorite band(s): Bob Marley. And Emergency Service...check 'em out!


Sara Cagle

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Class: Pasta!

Favorite dish to eat:  Sempre la pasta! Always pasta, preferably with 'nduja or guanciale. If not pasta, a big bowl of Korean-style soup.

Favorite wine: Edda, a Chardonnay blend from Puglia 

Favorite cocktail: Filthy martini with blue cheese olives

Favorite TV show: Madmen

Favorite artist: Lennon Stella