Blind Wine Tasting

Blind tastings might just be the most underrated wine activity out there. Without seeing the wine label, you guess the wines by their appearance, smell and taste. It’s a drinking game that hones your wine skills! 

Blind tastings are a really fun way to explore new wines, regions and most importantly, learn what you like (and may not like) in wine.This class includes pre-wrapped blind tasting bundles that serve 2-3 people and are great to do with a bigger group!

Run time: Approximately 60 mins

The Details:

2 Half Bottle Tasting: $135 per person + $200 Sommelier Fee
3 Half Bottle Tasting: $165 per person + $200 Sommelier Fee
Add Ons: 2 cheeses and 2 meats: $65 per person
Branded swag: Cutting boards, wine keys, wine glasses: $10-$80 per person

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