Cacio e Pepe

This dish is probably the most known traditional pasta from the Cucina Romana. This creamy, cheesy delicious recipe is sometimes referred to as the Italian Mac n’ Cheese but you won’t call it that after this class! We teach you all the steps and secrets of how to make this recipe like a Roman chef-authentic!

Run time: Approximately 60 mins

The Details:

With Ingredients: $120 per person
Without Ingredients: $55 per person

*Ingredients serve up to 2
*Can be made GF
*Require a minimum of 2 weeks for shipping

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Happy Evento Customer

Super fun virtual work event with our global team! I learned so much from this class and the recipe for cacio e pepe was delicious!! Also learned a lot from basic principles of cooking pasta al dente etc and now know the best way to cook pasta moving forward :)

Stephanie P., AppDynamics