Handmade Pasta

In this class you’ll learn all the steps to make traditional pasta from the south of Italy without the use of any tools except for your hands.

Isn’t handmade pasta what real Italians are known for?! Pasta Making is truly an art form that takes years to master, but only an hour or so to learn the basics for home cooking. Our classes focus on making traditional shapes such as Cavatelli and Orecchiette which pair perfectly with the tomato or pesto sauce that we’ll provide.

Run time: Approximately 60 mins

The Details:

With Ingredients: $110 per person
Without Ingredients: $55 per person

* Ingredients serve up to 4
* Ask us about dietary restrictions
* Require a minimum of 2 weeks for shipping

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Happy Evento Customer

We had a pasta making class for a corporate event and had an absolute blast! EVENTO was so incredible across the board… fun, outgoing, talented and so on. Sam helped us to secure the perfect venue and brought all the tools for a successful event!

Chelsea M., DoubleVerify