The king of stuffed pasta. This is one of our most advanced classes but it will end with an explosion of flavors. Participants will learn how to make the egg dough, the filling, the shape and the sauce all from scratch. Together we form them one by one using mascarpone, fresh spinach, Parmigiano Reggiano, nutmeg and pepper all perfectly balanced. The tortelli will be served with the perfect sauce: butter, sage and fresh black peppercorn.

Run time: Approximately 90 mins

The Details:

With Ingredients: $130 per person
Without Ingredients: $65 per person

* eGift Card & shopping list provided for fresh ingredients to your door
* Serves up to 4
* Ask us about dietary restrictions

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Happy Evento Customer

Everything about working with Andrea and Sam was amazing. It was the most engaging 90 minutes that I’ve ever had on a Zoom.

Lacey C., DocuSign