Seasonal Risotto

One of the favorite dishes of Italian cuisine, this recipe includes many of the traditional Italian cooking techniques such as mantecatura and tostatura. We make exceptionally rich risottos with hand selected ingredients that create a very flavorful result.

Run time: Approximately 60 mins

The Details:

With Ingredients: $155 per person
Without Ingredients: $55 per person

* It’s recommended participants have white wine or prosecco on hand but it’s not required
*Serves up to 4
*Ask us about dietary restrictions
*Require a minimum of 2 weeks for shipping

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Happy Evento Customer

Chef Andrea is not only a fabulous chef but a fantastic personality! Our family Zoomed with him for a very special and entertaining night in cooking an amazing meal. We learned how to chop, cook and prepare a delicious risotto all while getting to know Chef Andrea.

Kristen N.