Tortellini Bolognesi

Whether you’re craving a cozy meal during the fall season or just love this pasta year-round, tortellini is a must-try dish originating from the cities of Modena and Bologna. The dough is transformed into thin sheets by skilled “sfogline,” the ladies who work the dough transforming it into a sheet (sfoglia) using only the rolling pin (mattarello). The filling consists of prosciutto, mortadella, pork tenderloin, parmigiano, and other secret ingredients. During the Christmas season, tortellini is traditionally served with a meat broth (brodo di carne) or a creamy sauce (con panna), and Chef/Founder Andrea Belfiore likes to add crispy guanciale to the latter. For a twist, try the tortellini with green peas, prosciutto, and cream (piselli, prosciutto, panna), or with a simple tomato and basil sauce.

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