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  • Cacio e Pepe


    Our Cacio e Pepe kit will teach you how to make one of the three most famous and delicious dishes of Roman cuisine using organic Italian imported ingredients accompanied with authentic chef’s techniques. With just three ingredients you’ll complete a dish that will wow all of your guests (or just you 😃) and bring your…

  • Carbonara


    Craving Carbonara? We don’t blame you, most people do! With our carbonara meal kit and instructions, you’ll learn how to out cook most restaurants and achieve a totally mouth-watering result! Using authentic ingredients and learning the traditional techniques is key. Follow along with Chef Andrea and you will be transported to an Italian Osteria in…

  • Handmade Cavatelli + Red Sauce


    Cavatelli, from Puglia, is one of the staple pasta shapes of southern Italy. Our Cavatelli with Red Sauce Meal Kit is not only tasty and healthy (simple ingredients, high in protein and fiber for flour) it’s super fun to make and a great group activity! With the kit contents, and a few basic kitchen items,…

  • pasta amatriciana meal kit

    Pasta Amatriciana


    Say it with us; Ah – Mah – Tri – Cha – Nah. Our Pasta amatriciana meal kit might not be as famous as its cousin Carbonara but it does not lack in flavor. A delectable mix of tomato sauce cooked in rendered pork fat and combined with crispy guanciale, black peppercorn and pecorino, makes…

  • Pizza Napoletana


    You’re going to learn how to make amazing pizza with our pizza napoletana meal kit. Need we say more? Pizza is everywhere and now it’s time for you to make it on your own. With written instructions and guidance from Chef Gregory via the pre-recorded video tutorial, this quick-rise recipe will be the first step…

  • Porcini Mushroom Risotto


    You’ll never go wrong with a Risotto, especially when it’s with porcini mushrooms. This mushroom risotto meal kit includes prime ingredients and video instructions from Chef Andrea that will allow you to complete a tasty and creamy dish. You will learn the foundational techniques that allow you to make all kinds of risottos. Buon Appetito!…