3 things to consider when planning a team event

Planning an impactful team-building event can quickly start to feel like a full-time job. (Trust us, we know, because it is our full-time job). 

From securing vendors and aligning schedules to making everything fit within your budget, the planning lift for just one event can take several weeks. 

Here at EVENTO, our event specialists partner with corporate clients to make planning a fully turnkey experience. We learn what they want, and execute meticulously. In fact, we plan and host up to seven events every week. 

We’ve pulled together our best advice for the top three things to consider when planning your own team-building event – all based on our in-depth expertise.

Planning a team-building event: Where to start

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? It can be helpful to break everything down to the key basics: Who, when and why. 

Why are you planning this event? 

This one is your starting point. It’s difficult to put all of the event-planning pieces together until you have identified your goals. What do you hope the team will gain? Here are some of the top reasons our clients plan team-building events:

  • They want to enhance productivity by breaking down communication barriers
  • Their remote or hybrid employees feel disconnected from their colleagues 
  • They want to boost morale or celebrate a team success

Who should attend?

Your guest list may be as easy as selecting a single team or department within your company, but in other cases, it can be more complex. Some questions to consider are:

  • Are you inviting remote employees? If so, what accommodations should be made to ensure they feel comfortable with the in-person or hybrid team?
  • Will the event be mandatory, or optional? 
  • How well do the attendees know each other? Will they need special ice-breaker activities to get more comfortable? After all, one of the biggest benefits of team-building is helping to strengthen communication and collaboration among your team. 

When and where will the event be held?

Selecting the perfect date of everyone’s schedules may be the hardest part. First, you need to determine if your event will take place within work hours, after the workday ends or on a weekend. If the latter two, will you plan to offer comp time? 

At EVENTO, our clients enjoy very high turnout for evening and weekend events for a key reason: Our culinary experiences are high-energy fun, so participants don’t even realize that they are actually learning hands-on skills that will carry over to the office. Our events can break down barriers, improve communication, strengthen teams and even identify potential leaders – but it all unfolds in a way that is unexpected and immersive. 

If you plan an event outside of work hours, we highly recommend getting out of the office and conference room and finding an activity that will challenge your teams, ignite creativity and invite collaboration.

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