What makes an EVENTO experience different from other team-building events?

There are a lot of ways to connect your teams through events, and the choices (and planning) can be daunting. The last thing you want is an event that is a dud. Every detail matters – the music, the menu, the lighting, the food – it’s all part of creating a great experience for your team.

At EVENTO, we’d learned a little bit about running a great event. We’ve run over 2,000 events (and counting) and we’ve learned a lot about how to create a truly unique experience that will assure your employees are buzzing about it back at their office.

What makes EVENTO different from other team building events?

From planning to customization to the experience itself, our team knows how to put on a superior event for your team.

Leave the planning to us

We make your event a turnkey experience, because we revel in the details so you don’t have the stress over them.

  • Our event specialists deliver a concierge-level experience and oversee all aspects of planning, managing and flawlessly executing custom events.
  • We believe in clear, constant communication and precise planning for each engagement
  • Our high-touch event planning process assures no details are missed.

Our events are full customized to your organization

Events are not one-size-fits-all. Each event is customized for your organization, and we are flexible every step along the way to build out your perfect team event.

  • With branded accessories from aprons to cutting boards and wine keys or to customized food and drink menus, we help you build an event with details specific to your organization and team.
  • We accommodate specific requests. We’ve featured caricature artists, magicians, musicians and more to add unforgettable performances to any event.
  • Virtual or in-person? We do both, and we deliver the same level of planning and customization for both formats.

We build community and connections

We recognize that one of the most important goals of our event is to create connections within your organization that will help with employee happiness, production and retention. Facilitating those connections isn’t easy, but we have the formula down.

  • Nothing brings people together like food, and EVENTO has that and more. Think of us as a high-energy party where you just happen to be cooking.
  • We focus on community and facilitating bonding moments around food and cooking. Basically, the perfect ice breaker for those team members you want to create connections between.

We have top talent cooking amazing food

Most importantly, the food and drink. We have no problem saying we deliver a superior culinary experience.

  • Our team features hand-selected talent with a unique set of skills: Italian chefs, sommeliers and trained mixologists who know how to entertain and engage a crowd. 
  • We use authentic Italian ingredients and imported Italian brands whenever possible.
  • Our team of chefs and culinary specialists are trained in authentic Italian techniques.

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