Why virtual events still make sense

At EVÈNTO, we have hosted thousands of in-person and virtual events. Although we absolutely love the energy of our in-person events, we understand the importance of offering virtual events to our clients. We have taught 25,000+ folks from every continent except Antarctica.  Engaging in activities like cooking or mixing drinks online is an excellent way to enhance team cohesion and we do not see that going anywhere. 

Virtual events have become an essential aspect of our lives, providing a convenient platform for people to connect and interact, irrespective of their geographical locations. With many teams operating in a hybrid manner, it is challenging to gather everyone in one physical location. While in-person events have a unique charm and enable face-to-face interactions, virtual events aren’t going anywhere due to their flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

As we look to the future, a combination of virtual and in-person events will likely continue to coexist. The hybrid model, a term we’re all very familiar with by now, offers a versatile approach that caters to different preferences and circumstances. This way, employees can enjoy the benefits of virtual events while still having the opportunity to participate in traditional in-person gatherings when feasible.

Ultimately, the key is to adapt and innovate, embracing the evolving landscape of event planning to create engaging experiences that resonate with a diverse audience. 

Why virtual events are here to stay


Virtual events offer numerous advantages for organizers and attendees, such as the ability to join from anywhere in the world, saving time and money.


Virtual events can accommodate large audiences without physical constraints, leading to increased participation and engagement.


Virtual events are budget-friendly, eliminating venue and catering expenses, making them ideal for organizations with financial constraints.

Environmental sustainability

Virtual events reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional gatherings by minimizing transportation.

While the decision to host virtual events ultimately depends on your company’s goals and objectives, it is important to consider the advantages they bring. Virtual events provide a platform to engage with a larger audience, regardless of geographical location, and can help in fostering connections with clients and partners. Ultimately, the decision to offer virtual events should be guided by a strategic approach that aligns with your company’s overall vision and objectives.

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